Residence Permit on the basis of individual entrepreneurship

Obtaining a Residence Permit in Finland for an individual entrepreneur

We will help you to obtain the Residence Permit and the Permanent Residence in Finland

Individual or private entrepreneurship in Finland is one of the simplest way to be granted the Residence Permit in Finland

Without opening a company, charter capital, investments, risks, and additional expenses for legal registration.

In contrast to the Residence Permits in other European countries, where one should open a Ltd. and make a real estate contribution — individual entrepreneurship in Finland makes it possible to obtain the Residence Permit without undue encumbrances!

Grounds and criteria to obtain the Residence Permit in Finland based on the individual entrepreneuship:

Gainful enterprise, sufficient salary

Availability of income from 1 600 EUR per month (depending on the number of family members receiving a residence permit)

Timely payment of taxes

Payment of taxes from 300 EUR per month (the amount of taxes depends on the source of your income/salary)

You can rely on us!

We are the leading Finnish immigration agency! We provided legal assistance to more than 400 clients in the issues of immigration, movement and adaptation in the country!

Is it real?

We have consulted more than 150 individuals and families for successful obtaining of the Residence Permit based on individual entrepreneurship.

Our company has been operating since 2006 and acts solely in the interests of a foreign entrepreneur, taking into account all the latest innovations in Finland. Due to this, we always achieve the best result for the client.

We also work in close cooperation with the state and decision-making parties by the program of attracting foreign entrepreneurs and professionals to Finland from 2004.

Requirements for the Residence Permit candidate:
  • Foreign passport.
  • One time — certificate of availability of funds.
  • Language knowledge is not required.
  • Diploma of higher education is desirable.
  • Police clearance certificate is not required.


Expenses for the Residence Permit in Finland

If we compare the immigration programs of other European countries and the costs associated with them — it is interesting to note that our immigration program is much more advantageous than immigration to Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania. When you contact us for the first free legal consultation, you will make sure that the whole process is quite simple and does not require you to make significant investments.

Finnish passport is number three in the world in terms of the freedom of movement according to the rating made by Henley & Partners for 2018

How should one start execution of the Finnish Residence Permit based on individual entrepreneurship?

Our specialists will support you throughout the whole process

First we consult our clients for free. Based on your experience, business ideas and goals — we propose a suitable basis for the Residence permit, then we coordinate the business plan, settle legal questions relating to the bases, then we support you during the whole process of documents execution and filing — “on a turnkey basis” until obtaining the Permanent Residence in Finland or citizenship. When our client is granted the Residence Permit, we assist in movement, lease or purchase of an apartment, registration in institutions and enrollment of children to kindergartens and schools.

Free consultation

We contact you and answer all the questions. It is possible to meet a migration consultant in the office in Helsinki or Saint Petersburg.

We coordinate an agreed basis for the Residence Permit

We advise you the most optimal and economical option, based on your developments, business ideas, experience and goals.

You wait for the decision and obtain the Residence Permit

Your application is examined in some Finnish institutions depending on the selected basis.

We select the basis for the Residence Permit

We assist in selection from 23 options — the most optimal and efficient option for your conditions and goals.

We prepare the documents for the Residence Permit

We prepare the package of documents for the Residence Permit. We file the documents with the Embassy of Finland or the Migration Service in Finland.

Moving to Finland

We assist your family with finding the accommodation, bringing the belongings, enrollment of children, registration, ID-card, rights, etc.

Our specialists will support you throughout the whole process!

Should one open a business?

If you don’t have any experience in doing business:

We draw your attention to simple types of bases to obtain a residence permit in Finland. 

If you have a business plan or business idea:

We will implement your ideas: from company registration and licensing to legal support and accounting services inclusive. Our specialists in marketing and business communications will help you to develop your business. In addition, we select and register the operating business in Finland in the specified field.

If you have no ideas, but you have financial resources

We will offer a ready-made business, perspective investment projects, profitable commercial real estate. Also, we will develop special comfortable solutions for wealthy clients. All offers guarantee the Permanent Residence.

You can use the ready “Scenario”!

Examples of Scenarios of Business Immigration and Business Plans, as bases for the Residence Permit/Permanent Residence

— Transfer of existing operations to Finland

— Individual entrepreneurship, freelance, remote work

— Lease business

— Start of the new business

— Purchase of operating business in Finland

— Investments* into real estate

Useful services for those, who move to Finland:

1. Adaptation services: selection of schools, kindergartens, registration at courses.

2. Proper registration of cars when moving (tax reduction).

3. Lawyer services in Finland, including appealing against decisions of Finnish state agencies (migration department, tax department, social services, etc.).

4. Communication or correspondence with Finnish state or financial authorities.

5. Operations with real estate: purchase, lease and registration of immovable property in Finland.

6. Services of a Finnish consultant-interpreter, including a representative in negotiations.

Customer Feedback
Anna Pertsina

Three years ago my husband and I decided to migrate to Europe. Advertisement about immigration to Finland was among immigration options and I was amazed that it was also possible to immigrate there! I contacted Fintegra company, clouded by uncertainty, how can one just entrust their future and money to unknown people, without any recommendations But after a conversation with the Company Director Tatiana, all my fears disappeared immediately, because I got reasonable and consistent answers to all my questions, which is obviously very important at making the decision.

Dmitry Chernomorchenko

In search of an opportunity to move to any wealthy country, I saw an advertisement of Fintegra Company. Its site contained a lot of interesting information about Finland. Then the scheme was standard: call order, confidence in the made choice, an invitation to obtain a visa from Fintegra, consultation, service contract and waiting for a Residence Permit… Without waiting for the decision of the migration service, the company specialists also filed documents in the name of my wife and children. I am satisfied with the result in full. Thanks to Fintegra team!

Nastya Korolyova

Five years ago our family relied on Fintegra at immigration to Finland. Tatyana and her colleagues helped us in all issues, from the very beginning till granting of the Finnish citizenship. When one comes to another country, a lot of questions arise, Fintegra always answered all our questions and helped us everywhere (visiting a doctor, a conversation with a teacher, help in receipt of allowance, registration for language courses). And still, if any difficulties arise, we always ask qualified specialists from Fintegra for help.


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