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Business in Finland

Consulting, organizational and legal services for businesses

Doing business in Finland

Competent help for business in Finland

Depending on your goals, we will give you advice on document management and taxation peculiarities, we will register or help to buy the required type of legal entity. We also select a representative for a Finnish company or a foreign company representation, as well as develop and provide for the proper taxation. We register a new company in 21-31 days and re-register the existing company in 1 day!

Advice on business and taxation in Finland, services of a Finnish resident

Registration of joint stock companies and other legal entities, including representative offices in the EU

Full legal and organizational support up to obtaining a certificate of registration

Opening a bank account in Finland, formation of management bodies and constituent documents

Buy an existing business in Finland

We will assist in the search and selection of small and medium-sized operating business, as well as in corporate and financial audit of the companies of your interest.

We will further accompany the sale and purchase transaction and arrange loans in the Finnish banks, if necessary.

Typically, a large portion of the item price is determined by the real estate, which makes it possible to get a loan in a Finnish bank. Banks and credit organizations in Finland may offer a loan of up to 50-60% of the amount of the real estate at the rate of 4-5% per annum.

With such a financial support, buying a business in Finland becomes much easier. Moreover, we can assist in creating and structuring a business plan in Finnish with a view to obtaining financial support from the Finnish centers of business lending. For example, Finnvera venture fund provides loans and grants for the development of startups, small and medium business in Finland on very favorable terms.

We will help to buy a company or an operating business in Finland

Search and selection of investment objects of the required level and profile in Helsinki and Finnish regions

Financial and corporate audit, check of all kinds of registers, personal history check for transaction participants

Participation in negotiations, comments on security, risk prediction, preparation of documents

Registration of changes associated with the change of owner or replacement of business activities, renewal of contracts and other required actions

What are the benefits of a Finnish residence permit based on business?

Conditions of registration of residence permits and permanent residence permits are more profitable than in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, France, Sweden, etc. Today Finland means high levels and social protection.

Business development in Finland

We have extensive knowledge and experience related to the specifics of the European consumer and corporate market.

We help to find partners and customers, adapt your product or service to the peculiarities of the Finnish mentality, language, supply and demand.

We will bring the information about your project to the desired audience, configure the corresponding information field, support your image in the media space.

Finland is the best place to start a victorious procession of your business project in Europe.

Our most popular services include creating a European brand for the products originating in third countries, for their sale to the EU and other countries.

We pay attention to all requests; however, knowing the nature of the Scandinavian and European markets, we start with express analysis and forecast and recommend you to run only essential projects.

Services for the development of income-generating activities in Finland

Collection of profile information, market research, analytics.

Competitive analysis, verification of competing companies and partners.

Marketing research and strategy, building the European brand and PR in Finland.

Advertising campaigns in Finland: Media, TV, radio, Internet.

Development of marketing materials and media in Finnish: Finnish sites development, print, outdoor advertising, video advertising. We know everything about Finnish design.

Legal support to companies and accounting

Support of legality of activities, financial and tax reporting of Finnish companies

You can safely develop your business in Finland and not worry about the legal status of your Finnish company with our services:

Accounting, financial and tax reporting to Finnish authorities

Legal consultation, consideration of legal situations

Rent of mailing address, virtual office, mail monitoring, registration and scanning of incoming documents

Communication or maintaining correspondence with the Finnish government or financial institutions, maintaining necessary registers statuses

Provision of information, reports, notifications to appropriate departments

Trade with Finland and all the European Union

Advice and assistance in the organization of trade operations and processes with Finland and the EU

We have positive experience in helping companies and individual entrepreneurs with alignment of supply of agricultural machinery, industrial equipment and individual commodity groups from the European Union.

We have also helped several companies in building supplies to Finland. We are familiar with the laws and customs clearance and our affiliate network includes contacts to address some issues very effectively and profitably.

We use a selective approach to trade projects and do not take all of them, but we do consider new requests with interest. Among other things, we are ready to find a market and organize the sales process for interesting products and raw materials.

Type of services and projects in which we are ready to support you

Opening of a business

The procedure is quite simple: in order to register a company it is necessary to choose a unique name, execute a package of constituent documents, open a bank account in a Finnish bank, pay state duties and send all documents for registration in the commercial register.

Real estate purchase, investing in construction, buying a ready-made business

We can help to materialize your business idea, but in case of its absence – you can get acquainted with the general business plans or business immigration scenarios. These are the simplest options of business schemes. When working directly with the client, we will help to choose the direction and develop a specific business plan.

Purchase of a ready-made business in Finland

The basis for granting of the Residence Permit in Finland can also be the purchase of an operating company, which income is sufficient to move one person or even the whole family. We audit the company of interest and coordinate the purchase and sale transaction. Our catalog of investment objects contains a list of the companies for sale.

Useful services for those, who move to Finland:

1. Adaptation services: selection of schools, kindergartens, registration at courses.

2. Proper registration of cars when moving (tax reduction).

3. Lawyer services in Finland, including appealing against decisions of Finnish state agencies (migration department, tax department, social services, etc.).

4. Communication or correspondence with Finnish state or financial authorities.

5. Operations with real estate: purchase, lease and registration of immovable property in Finland.

6. Services of a Finnish consultant-interpreter, including a representative in negotiations.

Customer Feedback
Anna Pertsina

Three years ago my husband and I decided to migrate to Europe. Advertisement about immigration to Finland was among immigration options and I was amazed that it was also possible to immigrate there! I contacted Fintegra company, clouded by uncertainty, how can one just entrust their future and money to unknown people, without any recommendations But after a conversation with the Company Director Tatiana, all my fears disappeared immediately, because I got reasonable and consistent answers to all my questions, which is obviously very important at making the decision.

Dmitry Chernomorchenko

In search of an opportunity to move to any wealthy country, I saw an advertisement of Fintegra Company. Its site contained a lot of interesting information about Finland. Then the scheme was standard: call order, confidence in the made choice, an invitation to obtain a visa from Fintegra, consultation, service contract and waiting for a Residence Permit… Without waiting for the decision of the migration service, the company specialists also filed documents in the name of my wife and children. I am satisfied with the result in full. Thanks to Fintegra team!

Nastya Korolyova

Five years ago our family relied on Fintegra at immigration to Finland. Tatyana and her colleagues helped us in all issues, from the very beginning till granting of the Finnish citizenship. When one comes to another country, a lot of questions arise, Fintegra always answered all our questions and helped us everywhere (visiting a doctor, a conversation with a teacher, help in receipt of allowance, registration for language courses). And still, if any difficulties arise, we always ask qualified specialists from Fintegra for help.


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