Relocation Services in Finland

Relocation Services in Finland

Simplify movement and adaptation

We support you in obtaining the Residence Permit in Finland and adaptation in the country

Quite often, people face difficulties or unclear situations when moving, which can endanger the entire immigration program. The reasons can be the ignorance of features, incorrect document exchange with the Finnish authorities and even the unfair attitude of “assistants”, you choose on aside. It is often the last point, which is the cause of problems or the delay in obtaining a residence permit in Finland. We are ready to support you in difficult and even critical situations.

It happens that, already on the spot and having solved the most important issues of the move, our clients face the situations that they are not ready for. We know how the Finnish state system is organized: taxes, registers, departments, municipalities of Finland. With us you can easily, for example, change your driving license for the Finnish one, hand over the documents correctly to get social assistance, register a marriage, etc.

You can rely on us!

We are the leading Finnish immigration agency! We provided legal assistance to more than 400 clients in the issues of immigration, movement and adaptation in the country!


Help with settlement in Finland

We interact with state authorities to provide the necessary package of social guarantees in Finland. We organize the necessary processes for your company and help with its maintenance. We offer qualified assistance in the selection and purchase of real estate.

We assist in the following adaptation types:
  • — registration of residence at your address
  • — obtaining a Finnish ID
  • — obtaining an ID-card
  • — opening of private bank accounts
  • — receipt of Internet-bank and debit cards
  • — registration in the tax system
  • — registration in KELA system (state pension, social and medical system)
  • — funded pension insurance of an employee-entrepreneur — ELO
  • — if necessary — allowance for children under and after 17
  • — enrollment to school
  • — if necessary — allowance for the reuniting spouse
  • — enrollment of the spouse to the Finnish language courses
  • — if necessary — allowance for the spouse, when attending the courses
  • — tax accountant consultations and correct payment of salaries
  • — registration of a company
  • — opening of a bank account
  • — provision of a postal address
  • — accounting services

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One-time expenses
 We advise you, check your preliminary agreements, business plan, draw up documents and coordinate your case throughout the process – up to the obtaining of the Residence Permit. Our services for the execution of a residence permit in Finland according to the business scheme cost from 5000€.
 In addition, one must pay the state fee in the Consular Department of the Finnish Embassy: €550 for the applicant, reunified spouse — €450, a child under 18 — €230.
 Finnish company opening services — from 4000€ 
Example of monthly expenses:
 Taxes from €300 per month.
 Accountant’s services about €100 per month.

Part of the necessary measures can be carried out remotely, by phone and mail. Only when opening an account for a Finnish company in a Finnish bank, the personal presence of the founders is required.

Usually, the package of documents is filed for registration with consular departments in the country of residence. The response is awaited at the same place. At the request of the client, we can organize the submission of documents and waiting for a decision on granting the Residence Permit in Finland (only with agreement of the Service provider, depends on your plans). The Residence Permit is extended in 6-7 months in the police department at the place of registration in Finland.

The Residence Permit is granted through the Migration Department based on verification and processing of your documents. On average, the decision is made in 6-10 months; during this period, citizens and residents are already entitled to stay in Finland with the long-term visa. Upon receipt of the Residence Permit, all European countries are open for you for one year. Usually, in a year the Residence Permit is extended for 1-4 years.

Minimum account activity of the company should be sufficient to cover:

1. Operating expenses of the company;

2. Payment of salary to the director (the person, who applies for the Residence Permit) min. €1,300 after taxes;

3. Payroll taxes — min. €300 per month for the person, who applies for the Residence Permit.

Finnish banks pay special attention to foreigners.

The service of registration of a joint stock company (Оy — osakeyhtiö) costs 4,000€ — this is the payment for our services. The charter capital from €2,500 is added to that payment — it can be used/debited after the registration at your own discretion. State registration fee is €380.

Citizens of any state can open a company, however, in addition to the main founder (you), there must be a Finnish resident within the board – we help in selection and controlling them. Further on the basis of the company activities, foreign founders can obtain a residence permit in Finland and a social insurance number — then one can replace our temporary member of the board with the main founder who has already been granted an official status in Finland.

It is possible to open a company branch or a subsidiary in Finland. Such activity includes special paperwork management and registration peculiarities. We are experts in such types of registration, please, apply!

Customer Feedback
Anna Pertsina

Three years ago my husband and I decided to migrate to Europe. Advertisement about immigration to Finland was among immigration options and I was amazed that it was also possible to immigrate there! I contacted Fintegra company, clouded by uncertainty, how can one just entrust their future and money to unknown people, without any recommendations But after a conversation with the Company Director Tatiana, all my fears disappeared immediately, because I got reasonable and consistent answers to all my questions, which is obviously very important at making the decision.

Dmitry Chernomorchenko

In search of an opportunity to move to any wealthy country, I saw an advertisement of Fintegra Company. Its site contained a lot of interesting information about Finland. Then the scheme was standard: call order, confidence in the made choice, an invitation to obtain a visa from Fintegra, consultation, service contract and waiting for a Residence Permit… Without waiting for the decision of the migration service, the company specialists also filed documents in the name of my wife and children. I am satisfied with the result in full. Thanks to Fintegra team!

Nastya Korolyova

Five years ago our family relied on Fintegra at immigration to Finland. Tatyana and her colleagues helped us in all issues, from the very beginning till granting of the Finnish citizenship. When one comes to another country, a lot of questions arise, Fintegra always answered all our questions and helped us everywhere (visiting a doctor, a conversation with a teacher, help in receipt of allowance, registration for language courses). And still, if any difficulties arise, we always ask qualified specialists from Fintegra for help.


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