Buy a company in Finland

Buy a company in Finland

Consulting, organizational and legal services for businesses

Why buying a company in Finland is easier than opening a new one?

In accordance with the global policy, Finnish banks are tightening their control over the movement of illicit funds, and special attention is paid to corporate and personal accounts of foreigners. We have several legal instruments and off-radar basis that allow foreigners to legally open accounts. One of the most effective solutions is exactly to buy a company in Finland.

The advantages of buying a company in Finland

  • company has a special license (no tax problems);
  • JUST ONE DAY for re-registration;
  • remote re-registration without coming to the country;
  • assistance in the opening of a Finnish bank account;
  • clear company history (no previously conducted operations — guaranteed);
  • ready minimal charter capital of €2500;
  • companies ready for immediate transactions are available;
  • change of the company name.
The Finnish companies we offer are LEGALLY established on the basis of a special license!

Only the legal office with an impeccable reputation can get such a state license and carry out activities for the sale of businesses. These companies are legitimately established shelf companies. Buying a Finnish company without such a license and with some kind of activity already performed can turn into problems with tax authority and unnecessary bureaucracy.


Oy company purchasing procedures

1. Free consultation. We clarify the re-registration procedure for your purposes.

2. Free choice of the form of a legal entity and a company name.

3. We prepare the documents for re-registration. Package of documents is issued based on your data. 

4. We choose a resident of Finland/EU to join the board. This condition is determined by the law (not necessarily co-owner / shareholder). You can choose your partner or a resident representative controlled and chosen by us.

5. We send your package of documents to the commercial register. We pay for the state fees, re-registration and inclusion to the necessary registers.

6. You obtain the certificate of successful re-registration. And you can thank us for successful and timely result!

Price of purchase of a Finnish firm

– turnkey purchase of Oy company is from €3000, all inclusive

(including consultation, documents preparation, ALV/ALV registers activation, ennakkoperintä, työnantajarekisteri.

– registration of other forms of legal persons — as agreed

Additional services and options:

– services of a Finland resident: representative / director

– opening a bank account in Finland

-solving problems with VAT/ALV register, ennakkoperintä register

-Tilaajavastuu registration (for builders, government contracts, etc.)

– state fee for charter or company name change – €380

Useful business services and special consultation!

We develop and optimize your Finnish / international business:

— licenses (transport, alcohol, food industry …)
 — patents, utility models, trademarks, trademarks in the EU
— adaptation of the goods to the EU / Finland requirements,
— VAT number and refund of VAT
— tax planning and optimization
— optimization of customs and logistics
— trade between Finland / EU
— legal advice
— business plans for lending in Finnish
— investment projects
— residence permit / permanent residence / citizenship under the business immigration program

Type of services and projects in which we are ready to support you

Opening of a business

The procedure is quite simple: in order to register a company it is necessary to choose a unique name, execute a package of constituent documents, open a bank account in a Finnish bank, pay state duties and send all documents for registration in the commercial register.

Real estate purchase, investing in construction, buying a ready-made business

We can help to materialize your business idea, but in case of its absence – you can get acquainted with the general business plans or business immigration scenarios. These are the simplest options of business schemes. When working directly with the client, we will help to choose the direction and develop a specific business plan.

Purchase of a ready-made business in Finland

The basis for granting of the Residence Permit in Finland can also be the purchase of an operating company, which income is sufficient to move one person or even the whole family. We audit the company of interest and coordinate the purchase and sale transaction. Our catalog of investment objects contains a list of the companies for sale.


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The basic VAT rate in Finland is 24%. VAT for food products is 14%, VAT for printed products, medicines, cultural activities and services is 10%. VAT for goods turnover within the European Union (between two companies located in different countries of the EU) is 0%. Under certain conditions VAT for goods and services turnover outside the EU will be 0%.

Tax on company profits is calculated according to the profit on the basis of the annual report and amounts to 20%. Earnings of shareholders received in dividends or income from capital are subject to capital income tax. Capital income tax rate is progressive and amounts to 30% or 32%.

Tax planning is promoted in Finland, and we give advice on internal optimization and external trading schemes, tax return and VAT, etc.

Transactions with company shares are subject to share alienation tax at the rate of 1.6%. Transactions with shares of residential joint stock companies are subject to 2.0% tax. Real estate transactions are subject to 4% tax.

Opening of Oy company can be divided into several stages:
1) preparation of documents, registration by the Registrar, opening of accounts — 1 day or more
2) activation of the company in the commercial register — 2-7 days
3) activation of the bank account — 1 day
4) VAT/ALV register, ennakoperintä register — 7 days to 28 days, depends on the tax service availability.

Documents for the purchase of a company can be prepared remotely by telephone and mail. Finnish bank account activation requires the presence of at least one foreign founder. Fully remote re-registration is also possible (by appointing a Finnish resident Director and/or Manager of Accounts).

Doing business and tax payments give a right to obtain a residence permit in Finland. This is one of the most guaranteed methods for obtaining a residence permit, it is only necessary to register everything correctly.

A foreigner can open a Finnish company, provided that the board necessarily has a Finnish resident. This is a temporary measure necessary for the registration of a company. We help you to fulfill this condition and we provide for selection and control of resident representative.

Further, on the basis of the company’s activities, its foreign founders can obtain a residence permit in Finland and a social insurance number. Then you can replace the interim board member by the chief founder who has already received an official status in Finland.

In 2015, Finnish banks toughened the requirements to the companies opened by foreigners. Unfortunately, the new requirements addressed even EU citizens, in particular, the citizens of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland.

Any Finnish company needs a citizen or resident of Finland in its board, or it will not get an account.

Due to these stricter requirements, most banks do not open accounts for foreign owners of companies, if they do not have a registration in Finland and Finnish ID. Even for EU residents!
Thanks to our experience, knowledge of the Finnish legislation, openness to the state, we can help resolve this issue.

EU nationals can be registered and get ID henkilötunnus with our help in Finland, which gives the right to open a company in Finland without third parties in the composition of the board.

Foreign company may open a branch of their company or a subsidiary company in Finland. Representation of a foreign company in Finland is controlled by separate laws, as there are some peculiarities upon its registration. Our experts will answer your questions and conduct the registration for you.


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