Business communication in Finland

Business communication in Finland

Strategies, contacting tools, database of Finnish firms and consumers

Business communications is our expertise

FINTEGRA has its roots in marketing activities in Finland, so we have the necessary knowledge and experience in information processing, contact details of Finnish consumers and businesses and a wide range of tools for creating and delivering contact information. This set of skills and tools allows us to implement the most ambitious projects.

We will bring the information about your project to the desired target audience, configure the corresponding information field, support your projects in the media space of Finland.

Providing profile data on companies

– data on the state registration and tax registration of legal entities;

– Commercial Register entry, a copy of the charter and other constituent documents of the company;

– data about the key people of the company (the founders, the members of the Board of Directors, General Manager, auditors, etc.);

– data about the affiliated companies;

– data on the payment history of the company (entries in credit registers, timing of payments under invoices);

– analysis of the economic situation of the company on the basis of annual reporting;

– information on the credit ratings of companies;

– credit reliability predictions for persons.

Database of companies and key specialists in Finland

Our B2B database contains more than 500,000 contact records. We can allocate a task force in the selected regions up to special departments of special enterprises. And provide contacts via email or phone.

More than 5,5 million contacts of Finnish consumers. It is possible to carry out targeted mailings to selected groups. Segmentation may be made with phenomenal precision after processing data from official registers.
These data can be used for mass mailing or targeted contacting.


Our phone number: +358 50 5029706

You can also reach us via WhatsApp at the given number.

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